In regards to what's on the website I doo

FAQ Section

There are several inconsistencies in the FAQ section.

1 -

Under the question: "What is the Premium Currency for PSO2 and where can I purchase it?"

The following statement is still present:

During the Closed Beta Test, the option to purchase AC will not be available.

2 -

Under the question: Will I need an Xbox Live account to play Phantasy Star Online 2?

The answer doesn't account for the Steam release which does not require an Xbox Live account to play; New players can use their Steam account and players from the Xbox One and/or Windows 10 version wishing to use their progress on the Steam version simply need a linking code from said versions... something worth its own FAQ entry (even if its just a short summary pointing people to the article explaining how the Steam linking works).

Urgent Quest Times

As the game is open now to many more regions I do believe it would be wise to account for other timezones in the Urgent Quest schedules. Either have a dynamic schedule which displays the time in the player's local time or also displays the Urgent Quest times in UTC format.

Keep Roadmap Public

The front page fills up very quick with all the new announcements being made all the time and the highly demanded all-important Roadmap is now something that can only be found by going through page after page of announcements. The game's roadmap:

Should be included as part of the top-bar options in my opinion.

New Genesis Website

From my understanding, to the confusion of many, a lot of details concerning the initial New Genesis announcement were based on the state of PSO2 at the time of announcement; limited to Windows 10 and Xbox One and being exclusive to North America. With the recent Steam and 'Global' release, Steam has been added as a supported platform on PSO2's website and the text "Service availability limited to US and Canada" are all gone.

I do believe to avoid further confusion, the New Genesis website should now be updated once again to correspond to the current state of PSO2 as you have your 'PSO2 Global' social media talking about it, a claim of a worldwide release and a note on the announcement that whatever platform PSO2 ends up on New Genesis would follow along as well.

Sega Regional Websites

For the first time since the initial E3 announcement in 2019, Phantasy Star Online 2 is now listed on's game list. That said, despite being available in other regions now, the game's only listed in the US Sega website and isn't present in of the other Sega Europe websites:

While its a minor thing, and may fall under different jurisdiction I do think it would help legitimize the 'Global' release a bit more and would help gain some minor exposure.

With that said I look forward to seeing if any of the presented issues, big or small, can be addressed eventually and as we go along, suggestions op to mind, etc, i'll continue to update this post.