Jet Boots Camo?

So seeing all these cool camos I realize that I don't see much at all for jet boots.

Is there a reason for that? I don't know a whole lot about the game so sorry if this is a bit of a dumb question 🙂

There really just aren't that many Jet Boot camos compared to other weapons, even on the JPN server. No idea why, it's just the way it is.

@AndrlCh Aww ok well thanks for the reply!

not a lot of camos.. nor many weapons thru the mats traders 😕

There aren't too many specifically for the Jet Boots but there are a few "multi-weapon" camos that work for them. Got a thread showcasing as many as I can on here. Although for me, personally, I just went with the "weapon stealthing" camo from the mission badge shop, as I really didn't like the way "sheathed" boots looked.

@zaffy2005 I didn't know that was a thing! Thanks, checking that/your thread out now 😁

@Clain Yea, the mission badge shop tends to go unnoticed, hidden under the far corner where Franca hangs out in the shopping area. The stealth camo costs 100 badges, or you can find it in the shops for a few mil.

If you don't like the way the JBs sheath, another option is Live Cellular and Bio Cellular. Just change the sheath position so the yellow box sheath is inside your characters body. Grab these from the Photon Booster shop.

One that I really like on my Bo is "Richter Obs" from clearing Challenge mode Mission Decision. Unfortunately you need to get lucky and get a good group for this. But they sheath next to your characters ankles and aren't big and obnoxious.





(not my screenshots, I grabbed these from the JP swiki)