is game locked to 1920x1080 ?

My windows runs on 3840x2160 (4K) resolution and I haven't found any option in the game to change resolution to fit to screen ? I can't play if the game is only 1/4 of my screen...

I think I managed to change the settings by switching to window mode, putting it to 4K, saving and then back to full screen (4K will be there an grayed out).

That being said I have a setup that should outperform the game and it looks worst than Xbox version right now, I have no idea why and I've been fiddling with settings for hours...

So, the game -will- support any resolution you want, but you have to enter the value manually in the user configuration file.

Go into your Documents/SEGA/PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA folder, and look for "user.pso2"

Open that file in notepad, and look for the following:

    Windows = {
        Width = 2560,
        FullScreen = false,
        Height = 1440,

Yours may look slightly different, but you can enter your monitor resolution directly in the Width and Height values.

I had to do this because the game does not list anything bigger than 1080p natively, and I use a triple-monitor setup, so going fullscreen meant I had the game stretched insanely large, and absolutely hammered my video card.