Account linking mistake. I didn't read the guide. I've thought it should be a "en passant" process, not a living nightmare!

I made a mistake when starting the game through Steam, is there another chance/way to be able to link my account again? I can no longer access where I can put the code and Steam created a user ID. What can I do?

Unfortuantely, there is nothing you can do. All you can do is make a new Steam account or start over.

Shoulda read, bro...

@Ragnawind Yeah....I'm dealing with Death 2! LOL! A real answer to me...Please?

Obviously there is a way to reset the login data and start over the process in the same account.

@Ultraegos4059 He gave you the real answer: all you can do is create a new Steam account. From the guide to linking accounts:

ATTENTION: Do not start Phantasy Star Online 2 on a new platform until you fully understand this account-linking process. Creating a character/setting up a Player ID on a new platform is irreversible and you will not be able to link your account after the fact.

@AndrlCh YeAh! I didn't read IT! You keep both installs: CHECK! Inside one install, you generate a code: CHECK! You put a code in another install: CHECK! BEWARE! DEATH 2.0! A FREAKING IRREVERSIBLE PROCESS AHEAD! WITHOUT ANY KIND OF "GOOFY PROOF" SYSTEM: ERROR! LAME ANWERS FROM SUPPORT: PHASE IN PROGRESS p.s- In fact, it was during an error. When I recover from it, it was TOO LATE!

@Ragnawind if i make a new steam account will that work on the same computer or do I have to download it from the Microsoft store?