Please bring most of JP collaborations/outfits to NA

I am sure this is probably not gonna pass through due to licensing agreements and possibly collaborations that don't exist anymore due to some game/anime series being too old like Tales of Zestiria, and Madoka Magica - but I think we can try to work it out to bring them back in because the items already exist in JP version.

There is already a thread in General Discussion which collaborations would likely come, and which ones will be added to NA version separately - but I'd want collaborations like FATE, Attack on Titans, Tales of Zestiria (probably not gonna happen but crossing fingers), BlazBlue x Guilty Gear Xrd, FF14, Monster Hunter World, Neptunia, and Persona series.

There are also definite AC outfits that were directly from SEGA and half Shining games have never made it to NA, and should be added too. Would like them in NA personally.

FF14 will probably be in the game still, since it's part of the Interrupt / etc. missions. A lot of the reasoning behind the 7+ years, is because of Licensing Issues more so. (For the exact reason you're worried about.) Plus, our gaming magazines have basically gone out the door here in North America, so we aren't really able to emulate Famitsu. As said in another thread, we already have PSO2es items as drops in our version without needing PSO2es. So that's a plus.

I'm really hoping they can find a way to still bring them over, even if they may need to do some adjustments or something.

I'm still holding out in hope that most of them make it into the game.

I just wish they could just do a complete conversion of the game, I want to have anime posters all over my room just like I’ve see player’s on the JP servers have done

I would like all of the collaboration content, but I would be willing to settle for most.

we were told we would be "getting ALL the content from the past 8 years". it would be very microsoft to NOT follow through on that, but im hoping they keep their word for a change.

Sighs so many collabs. Really hope we get the FFXIV one at least.

I support this suggestion

They'll probably have to make sense to release in the states.

Like FFXIV, Monster Hunter, and Persona I can definitely see us getting.

@F0XB0MB said in Please bring most of JP collaborations/outfits to NA:

They'll probably have to make sense to release in the states.

Like FFXIV, Monster Hunter, and Persona I can definitely see us getting.

It does make sense for certain anime series in States tbh.

Fate is licensed by Aniplex but it is most popular microtransaction phone game in NA too. Attack on Titans is licensed by Funimation but also Oracle is licenses by Funimation too which is not hard to negotiate with them to make it work, and Ark System licenses their fighting game all the time and they are quite open minded about collabs.

I think they can bring them in. Just will take time imo.

@LapisWave when it comes to anime licenses, negotiations go with the original Japanese rights holder... NOT the dubbing company. PSO2 NA is still managed by SEGA of Japan in terms of running servers, providing updates, etc.

While theres no guarantee all the older content will make it abroad due to many reasons (Not all anime featured in PSO2 have official subs, their relevancy to Western audiences is minimal at best...) I do believe collabs from here on after will account for JP and NA much like other games thay have had collabs (Monster Hunter World, Dead or Alive 6).

I may make a longer post later explaining the collab situation in detail as I had looked into these things...

@Leonkh99 It technically shouldnt matter if NA knows what anime, manga or where ever a costume originates from because releasing it on the NA server wouldn't require any additional resources, it only needs to be made once. A new costume is a new costume at the end of the day which provide revenue because if an outfit is cool I dont care if I know the source material, imma get it. Seeing as its Sega of japan doing the work theres a good chance to see most of them released here. It just depends on how their contracts for usage rights were worded or if they want to readdress them with the rights holders. As you said though it also wouldn't surprise me to see more globally known IPs to get collabs now that the games out here.

they'll likely all be in the files, but it'll become dependent on when/how/if they will be distributed. The XIV collab outfits and camos could likely all show up here as part of an event where XIV actually does their side of the collab. Odin might just kinda already be roaming around for all we know.

the monhun frontier z boss and the 6th angel have been outright removed from the JP client already; I doubt we will ever see them on this server. however it is very likely the Ceres/Zara and Orb/Dusk weapons will still be available once the content where their respective rocks drop become available. (extra hard forest/coast/volcanic caves exploration for yellow hunting stones, the piper of disharmony for cobalt medals)

as for collab AC Scratch cosmetics; as far as we know, they're all still as up in the air as literally anything from older AC Scratch lineups. They may be adding a system to both servers to help make older outfits more available again sometime in the next few months though.