Well lets ha e our fingers crossed steam

so i am already seeing some issues with the steam launch. I am hoping this game works now after the disaster microsoft launch. I had to reformat 2 computers for the reason we all have . I lost work information and other very important stuff to get the game uninstalled. I am downloading the game in steam as i type this message. I am letting sega know , if this game makes me go through the same as i did with the microsoft launch. You will be boycotted for life . So with some faith in sega and saying hey a misunderstanding or glitch that never got fixed til now. I hope you do not disappoint your customers and pso2 fan base. I might be one little customer . I am hoping you people at sega took care of these issues.

you could have just taken control of the folders to uninstall the game... i can delete every file in both folders after gaining permissions. its faster than reformatting. also try making a image on a second drive as a backup to just clone when you want a fresh install.

@sonorousoxide steam is working well. Its not our job to fix a product that we do not own. Thank you.