Why no Revolsio colletion folder for TMG

I might be missing something but the 4th chapter has just dropped & after seeing the kind of base stats on Revolsio weapons I went to get started on the collection folder in case RNGeezus has it in for me & there is just about every weapon available barring the one I main.

is this intended, a mistake or did I do something that triddersn its absence? It's a real PITA & maybe I will get it or better elsewhere long before I'd have finished the folder but it can't be right surelly?

There are several weapons missing, I'd guess there is no mistake here as its called "Collection 1"

Initially I thought that makes sense & was going to leave it at that but when I was on the PSO2 NA sites "what's new in episode 4" page I scrolled to the A new collection folder heading & yeah named "the next *13 collection1!" & finishes with here "a few of the items available -> & the Bullet Revolsio (TMG) is one of them. It seems pretty clear the TMG is meant to be part of collection 1 as at least the Spear Revolsio are meant to be part of collection 1 & if collection 1 comes out in 2 parts you'd think either they would make that clear or someone with experience from JP would know. thx though