PSA: Steam is up again!


A few minutes later, Steam is back up and running. Everything should be back to normal!


Unknown cause. Steam normally has around 5 minutes of planned downtime around this time of day on a Tuesday but it's Wednesday so this seems unplanned and might last a little longer. The extent of the effect on PSO2 is not fully known, but:

  • If using the Steam version you may be unable to log in temporarily
  • Achievements won't work until it is back up and running
  • If you're still downloading the game on Steam, that download will probably freeze until the connection is restored

Came here to see if it was just me. Guess I'll make the account switch tomorrow instead.

I don't use steam and i was kicked out of game. Dumb 632 error

Should all be good now. I've updated the topic to avoid concern.