Unable to select Personal Qarters No.(622)

Ok like the topic says, since the steam release i get this message... not all the time but quite often. the 2nd Problem ive got is ... i cant write here with my Microsoft acc. but with my steam? if i try to write something or enter the Forum, it says (Login, right hand top corner) If i click on Login, i get the sign with "signe out" so i have to be logged in... if click again on Forum again, it says i have to be logged in : / wrote a ticket 2 weeks ago for this forum issue.

3rd is a Question about all the exchange items for Ultimate quets items... will we get them or not. I mean these stones are for the Ares series and if i remember right for some other weapons but we dont cant Xchange them. the only stone which we can xchange are from Dark Falz Elder and nothing more... So will we get these xchange weapons or not? These items are filling the bank : /

same it keeps saying person quarters is full for me and wont let me access