Auto Send to Material Storage is not working.

Same problem that should be fixed since you gotta actually turn it off for it to work. Makes no sense

Same here, I thought at first my material storage expired or something but can confirm turning the option to "don't use" worked, or at least it did in my end

I have the same problem 😢

Same issue, but it doesn't work regardless of how I set the auto send 😕

@ViridityPeach47 thought that first too for me the issue was then if i switched to "don´t use" the game put me some mats in the storage bcs i had it empty before i thought then it doesnt work to switch to "don´t use"

try to switch then empty u mats at inventory and try to run a mission and see if it works then

Yeah, they somehow flipped things around the time of the last update. I've had it on and working before, and then sometime after the update, when somebody asked me about some other setting, I saw that that one was suddenly set to "Don't Use" (I know I had it on before). And while I didn't notice any issues with it sending them straight there, I turned the setting "back" to Use, and suddenly it stopped working. It's basically like they somehow just flipped the text for "Use" and "Don't Use" without changing anything else.

my guess would be that it has something to do with linking u ms account to steam that if u had it on "Use" at ms version and then switched to steam it was still in use but standard settings from steam then is "don´t use" but somewhere the setting is still active or something like that

if we would have somone here who havent played or used that option before then the other guess is probably true with somehow flipped the text ^^