Indicate "Stance" Actions/Skills/Techs

Please consider putting a note on skills/actions/etc. like "Talis Fast Throw" that state that it is a stance and must be toggled in the sub-palette to utilize. Some people may not want to get the skill/etc. if they know this, and not putting this in may cause them to regret the decision, requiring them to refund points/etc.

In addition, make it clear on the description that the stance stays active even if you switch sub-palettes.

+1 to this. I remember when I was first starting and trying to figure out why I couldn't use stances together or why other actives weren't being able to be activated. Sub-Pallete information is crucial for a lot of stuff in the game and not knowing about what can go there and how to activate different things. It could confuse people if they don't pay attention.

I support this suggestion