Episode 4 story is disgusting

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It's a lazy story.

Just skip story 4-5. You arent missing much from them since they're canned episode 6.

I wouldn't skip Episode 5; episode 5 looks rather fun. Honestly, I very much liked Episode 4. It's different, and probably not what most were expecting, but it really grew on me. I say everyone should give it a shot before they off it.

Episode 4 gets better later on, but you do have to significantly adjust your perspective of things to get into it. It's not a follow up from Episode 3 but more of a break after all that's happened in the previous episodes, and it's better to look at it as you existing there as a force of nature, or co-protagonist with Hitsugi.

@zaffy2005 The point is that what you call "free speech" isn't a major element of Japanese culture. Love it or hate it, the self-'censorship' of content is here to stay, and will always influence AAA localization decisions and even the production of anime meant for the global market.

This is in fact very common in media production overall, American companies edit movies to make them 'acceptable' to speech-suppressing foreign countries all the time, so Japan is just copying that money making tactic.

@Swordhaver Thing is, what you're talking about is a different matter entirely. SELF-censorship is a choice. A company, or individual artist, or whatever, deciding of their own volition to make edits to their medium in order to market it to another demographic is an entirely different beast than that same entity being FORCED against their will to censor any part of their medium because the obnoxiously vocal Karens of a given demographic demanded it. I've got no problem with someone CHOOSING to "censor" their own work.

@zaffy2005 I have no problems with censorship if it is talked about BEFOREHAND by teh developers and why they are changing X thing.

If they give out ample warning and talk about it beforehand then we would have less issues and more time to prepare and adjust for these changes.

It would also give more people time to think about if they want to spend their time on NA or move to JP servers.

The more lewdness, the better 😉

Indeed, I play PSO2 to beat up Falspawn, not to watch high school girls fantasize about who was the "top or the bottom".

That stuff is bottom of the barrel content and best removed.

@Ashlette-Era What's so bad about it?

It's a slice of life comedy moment.

It's good to take a break every now and then from the murdering that you do constantly and people dying left and right and the world being doomed.

Wasn't this the same person that wanted "Specific" answers on ship 4 back then ? ( Something like , every other day , he would ask : " Still nothing from Sega"? Or "Sega Please ! Tell us!" Just what is he "crying " about now.? o_O

@DDDDLife Cross check time!

Bring back the story tellers who made Phantasy Star great! We don't want trash schoolgirl novels.

Weeb gamers are weird. "It is anime what did you expect! This is completely normal! You don't like watching children bath? Creep!" lul

Or maybe we just don't like unnecessary censorship as it sets a precedent for removing something if it appears to be potentially controversial.

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Or maybe we just don't like unnecessary censorship as it sets a precedent for removing something if it appears to be potentially controversial.

Let me go ahead and correct you, you don't like NA censorship as you've previously already stated you were completely fine with what they did to battleship Yamato, but this scene? This is the hill. This is the one I die on.

I would have cut the whole of EP4