Episode 4 story is disgusting

@zaffy2005 Come on! You and I know those T and L blocks in Tetris were evil AF!

Anyway, I feel this thread has run it's course long ago and maybe should be closed so people can move on or something.

@zaffy2005 👏See this right here, this is someone I can respect. Clear and concise. Gets right to the core of what every sane individual here, has been saying.

And @ZorokiHanuke I'm happy I understood the joke.

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...I really gotta start playing E4...this thread has peaked my cultural curiosity.

One scene in JP where the 10 year old boy is laying on a bed naked faced away from the camera, he has been covered up by basewear in NA.

A bath scene that ultimately culminates in said non-acclimated 10 year old boy accidentally groping the two girls trying to clean him up has been removed.

These are the only changes.

Okay so I looked it up on YouTube...I don't see what the issue is. I mean, that kind of bath scene is pretty normal these days, in anime and even US cartoons.

@Wolf-Moonstar It's a fun and innocent scene where a character that appeared from a videogame has the mentality of a young child.

Honestly I've seen so many kids IRL ending up in these situations within swimming pools, playing around on the beach and even in parks.

I've always seen people laugh it up cause it's just kids being kids.

I don't know if this is just the Finnish person living in me but I think the US (I am assuming here 100%) has devolved to the darker ages where nothing can be taken without taking it out of context.

@SleeprunnerInc It's actually why I kind of want to move out of the U.S. It's eventually going to collapse in on itself, due to the religious folk, and the Marxist liberals. Both far right Republicans and far left Democrats want more control, so that they can dictate what everyone watches, reads, etc. The only difference between the two, is what they believe is morally acceptable, and both sides of the isle have been found wanting. Neither side is morally superior, both are mentally derranged, and I just want off of this wacky ride.

What's is the problem about?

@Anarchy-Marine Honestly religion isn't bad if you don't go all in and force it down everyones throats.

If its just a casual way of life that you like to live then fine.

Respect to those who do it without pushing it on others.

I am an atheist myself but I do tend to try and learn from different religions, so far Shinto and buddhism are the best choices for me from what I've found.

But ya I can see what ya mean otherwise.

If anything, I suggest moving to a nordic country like Norway and trying to start a life there.

@LSSJ-Bilal OP is disgusted by Aru's bathscene.

@LSSJ-Bilal Go read the entire thread. And get ready to lose some brain cells over people who view themselves as holier than thou.

@SleeprunnerInc I'm currently weighing my options, however, they are limited do to the C-virus. I've decided to call it this, because the research facility in Wuhan looks like a green and white version of Resident Evil's Umbrella corporation. Anyways, until the pandemic has subsided, I won't be able to find work, to save up and move, so I'm stuck here until then.

@Anarchy-Marine Hilariously there was an actual medical corporation with the Umbrella logo.

Look it up, no joke.

@SleeprunnerInc said in Episode 4 story is disgusting:

@Anarchy-Marine Hilariously there was an actual medical corporation with the Umbrella logo.

Look it up, no joke.

alt text

@Viola-Lance Yep, that's what I'm talking about. Also, did anyone here see the article about T-cells, and how they fight off the C-virus? What's next, a mutational virus that attacks T-cells, with a name, starting with T. I'm just saying, this is why I've come to make that joke. I may be off with location, but the whole point is to make fun of the coincidence.

To be precise, that facility is in shang hai, not wuhan. These places are 800km apart from each other.

And if im not mistaken, raccoon city is spelled with dubble c.

@Scerms77 Both fair points, like I said, it was a meme, a joke. Anything to brighten someone's day, is rather something I prefer, over those that just want to ruin people's day, by trying to screw with someone's coping mechanism, or temporary escape. Thus my reasoning for bringing it up. Essentially, those that only see the bad, for instance in a story, never bother looking at any of the good. And it coincides with those that only see the bad in others, and yet place themselves up on a pedestal.

@zaffy2005 You are consistently mistaking the cause for the effect. More often than not (i.e., outside of most fairy tales meant to horrify children,), villains do not do bad things to teach you that those things are bad, they are doing those bad things to demonstrate that they are villains.

Rape (e.g., pedophilia,) is a commonly lazy way to depict this. As is the case here.

And if you really want to go with it your way, then I'm also pretty unhappy that the writers of the story can't depict anything resembling human sexuality (outside of clothing choice, hi Phashion) as anything but a villainous trait or character flaw that inevitably leads to this depraved behavior. Not a fan, especially since PSO2 relies so heavily on selling via sex.