Movement Keys Rebinding - Arrow Keys

Hi all,

I just downloaded PSO2 for the first time today on Steam (after the abysmal Microsoft Store launch), and the first thing I did, as always, was go to rebind my keys since I'm a lefty. I use the arrow keys for movement in all games. I noticed that even if I set the dropdown in the keybinding settings to "Custom," I am unable to to remap the movement keys from WSAD to the arrow keys. Am I doing something wrong/overlooking something, or is that just not an option? I'd find it pretty ridiculous if it's not since essentially every game I've ever played outside of early alphas/betas have had the ability to remap those keys. I have a controller if worse comes to worse, but I'd really prefer to use keyboard & mouse for the free aiming alone.

Any tips or guides on how to possibly change the movement keys in the game's files (if not in-game) without the use of third-party programs would be greatly appreciated!

  • Step 1. Install Autohotkey
  • Step 2. Create a rebinds.ahk file
  • Step 3. ???
  • Step 4.Profit

I knew about AHK, but I'd rather not have to install a third-party program just for one game if there is another way.

i have disability i cannot use WASD at all and no way i will use third party software either