Steam achievements give the wrong rewards

Currently, the achievement for the weapon cammos gives another headcrab emote. Pls fix, I want that crowbar thx.

Yeah, I just made a post about this in GD too. The announcement lists the rewards in the wrong order and the Overclocker title grants a second 720: Headcrab consumable instead of the Evo. Device and Weapon Camos.

I really want Wheatley so I hope we can get him. 😭😭😭

yea it happens to me to me what that Wheatley mag

The official site says the Wheatley mag and the weapon camos will come at a later date, but I already see ppl running around with those? How do I claim them?

@Legonian They are available as title rewards as of this past maintenance.

From the scheduled maintenance post:

  • New Titles

    • Valve Collector 1
    • Valve Collector 2

@AndrlCh Do I have to do something to unlock them? Because neither is showing and I still don't have the rewards. Not sure it's related but since the last maintenance everytime I log I got a message saying there are items in the visiphone but there is nothing to collect.

Edit: NVm just saw I have to finish some SH missions to unlock. TY.