Beach Wars Beach-wear

What is the cheapest possible swimsuit for female/male characters for this event?

This seems like a question whose answer would just cause itself to change. If Swimsuit X becomes popularly known as the cheapest, everyone will talk about it as the cheapest and buy it, causing its price will rise so it isn't the cheapest anymore.

The more I look at it I think 10-15 milion is not worth the buff I guess...

the buff is pretty minimal so is not much worth it anyway now for the cheapest then it will be the ones in the fresh shop, even more when you consider that now is possible to farm 100SG per week

so how do you get the summer outfits in the first place? i'm super new on buying cosmetics (i run with basic ones since the start of the game) would be nice to have a guide on this page so players could understand how to get them...

@Derolade swimsuits are cosmetic clothes and if you don't want to open your wallet then you gonna need to buy then from another player or by going in the fresh shop and paying SGs for the ones there

@Jamesmor oh k. too bad fresh finds shop was unavailable when i logged in.. i'll try again later

What stinks is not all swimwear is counted for the bonus...I just pulled Raqasa Shamir but it is not in the list.