Which ship to go to for new players (Steam)?

Hi everyone, I just started on Steam today, wondering which ship is every new player joining? I am currently in ship 3, but if there are more new players on other ships, I do not mind restarting. Cheers!

They are all friendly!

Lots of people will tell you that Ship x has the best or worst economy, the most or least players, the best players, and a lot of other things that are either impossible to prove or demonstrably false, and you'll always be able to find someone else who says exactly the same about all the other ships.

The last time we analysed Ships 1-3, there were no differences that mattered. Ship 4 is the exception since it is new as of today, so you won't be seeing any high-level characters there for a few days until the diehards rush to level 80, and you will see little to no cosmetic content from previous campaigns either on other characters or in the player shops (if it is tradable) because for the most part it won't exist on that ship.

That's not to say all the new players are going to Ship 4 though. Many are probably going to 1-3 still because they have established friends there, or they believe what some clueless people are saying about Ship x being the best (whichever x happens to be, depending only on the speaker).

If you have friends playing ask them all which ship they on and go there with them. If you have no friends and play solo like me then go ship 1 because it's #1 😄.

On the flip side ship 2 has the most JP vets and I think it's the most populous one out of all. Ship 4 is brand new so if you want fresh even start for two weeks then you can go there but once transfer hit. All ship will be almost same economy wise.

@Albedo said in Which ship to go to for new players (Steam)?:

ship 2 has the most JP vets

That means absolutely nothing.

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They are all friendly!

We need to talk about your name, oppa oppa. 오빠.

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