script error/game not launching after clicking play (steam)

so im getting a scropt error once the launcher first loads the link thing is here and the options for that both yes and no do nothing. i dont know what this means along with my second problem which is that once i hit play on the launcher the game will immeditly close and the game wont launch/do anything. i have already tried to dissable norton and was wondering if anybody knows a fix or if this will just have to be a patch that comes out?

Having the same issue, not sure what to do

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This post is deleted!


I also have the same issue 😞 When I hit play, it asks my admin pass, I enter it, then the script error appears, whichever I click (yes or no to continue) results are the same when I click start game. It closes and game status in steam goes back to not running.

My country Taiwan is in the available region, so its not a region problem. This is really weird to be happening!

I get similar in steam. Get a java script error from the launcher which doesn't seem to affect anything, but when I launch the game I get a "PSO2.exe is not responding" with little else to go on at the moment.

Yet the MS Store version I still have installed so I can get the link code works without a hitch.

I went digging into Event Viewer, hoping for more information, but nothing that really seems usable.

The program pso2.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Security and Maintenance control panel. Process ID: 156c Start Time: 01d66b6cd2f61c65 Termination Time: 5 Application Path: D:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA_STEAM\pso2_bin\pso2.exe Report Id: ffb923ce-7c3b-4b31-8a33-47d662e74341 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: Hang type: Unknown

Checking into Security and Maintenance has turned up nothing informative.

I have the same deal. Could the reason have to do with having the install be on drive D? I do that for memory space purposes and I feel like at least some other people do that too cause tiny SSD for C and big HD for D are common. Just wondering if that might be the common denominator here.

I'm not sure. I have the MS store one stored on the 😧 as well, along with every Steam game I have installed on this unit. This is the only game for Steam (and the only version of PSO2 NA I have) to ever give grief about it.

It is quite possible there is a flaw in the steam version, though 2 people having the same issue is a pretty small pool to be certain.

Hey guys, I found the solution for the script error, just right click on steam app, then run as administrator, log into steam, click play, the script will appear again but its ok just click yes or no, then gameguard will run and game will start!

The problem is the launcher version 06.00.07. It cant seem to update past that for whatever reason.

Once upon a time someone posted a link to download the Launcher update manually from SEGA but I can't find that link anymore.

I'm having the same issue with the Steam version. Running Administrator mode did not fix the problem for me, I tried doing it to both Steam and PSO2Launcher.exe with no luck. I also ran the Check File feature of the launcher which didn't help either.

I've got the Microsoft Store version installed on a separate hard drive and noticed my Steam version was missing a GameGuard folder as well as having less files in general in than the MS version in the pso2_bin folder. I tried copying the files over but while I could get the game to launch that way, it was looking for a Microsoft account but couldn't find one so I was stuck on the title screen and unable to do anything and had to close the game through the task manager. If I removed a file called MicrosoftGame.config it would no longer load GameGuard or start the game. I also tried putting the file back in but deleting the GameGuard folder, which caused the game to download it again, but removing the config file once again causes GameGuard to not start.

@SirArion said in script error/game not launching after clicking play (steam):

The problem is the launcher version 06.00.07. It cant seem to update past that for whatever reason.

Once upon a time someone posted a link to download the Launcher update manually from SEGA but I can't find that link anymore.

That's the same version as the Microsoft Store version of the game and that is working fine for me. I get no error and GameGuard and the game launches as expected.

come on guys i really want to play i have the same problem :c at least i want to know if you guys are aware or trying to fix it...

i got the game to run after reinstalling for 2nd time and restarting my computer cause some stupid windows update thing but eh.

so... anyone got an idea ??? come on guys i want to play too

@KenpaFish I gave up on it for now. Will try again tomorrow.