Didn't get Valve Weapon Camos or Mag Device

So I met the requirements, doing two missions on Hard or above, and all I got was a 2nd Headcrab emote. Where are the weapon camos and Mag Device?

Did you read when the rewards will be distributed?

Just complete all the stuff and the rewards will come at a later date, https://pso2.com/news/announcements/steamlaunchrewards.

Oh... didn't see that. It's weird since all the other rewards are at the title counter.

Unrelated, where is the swap shop where I can get items to reset customized PAs?

They're incorrect. You get the main pack (including Headcrab) for logging in from Steam. The rest are as follows:

  • Makin' Bacon - Steam: Clear 1 quest on Normal, Casual, or above.

REWARD: Pyro's Gas Mask Set (Pyro's Gas Mask x2)

  • Overclocker - Steam: Clear 2 quests on Hard, Hardcore, or above.

REWARD: 720: Headcrab

  • Follow Freeman - Steam: Clear 3 quests on Very Hard or above.

REWARD: Alyx Fashion Set (Alyx Replica, Alyx Hair x2)

  • Good Grub - Steam: Clear 4 quests on Super Hard or above.


They give them out instantly after meeting the requirements, but the order doesn't match the announcement and because the Headcrab emote is gifted twice, the Evo. Device and Weapon Camos aren't granted.

Yah I guess that's my point, they aren't granted at the title counter with the rest,

There's a thread in Bug Reports so I'm sure they'll get on top of it pretty soon. I'll take a delayed reward over the MS Store problems any day though. lmao