BAD Planing of events and maint

Server up at 11:00 AM est Download of patches 30 minutes Event 11:00 AM EST

Does anyone else see the screw up there ??? F- for that one

Patch has been available since late last night.

Funny I got no patch notice last night, what time was it 3 AM est ????

@DeusExTaco Times played EST

1500 3PM-5 pm 5:30pm to 7pm 8:30 pm to 11 pm 11 pm to 11:30pm

That sounds about right. I was at work at the time. Got home at 7:15est and started downloading immediately.

%$@*& ....... Is there a PRE notification of patches ?

Nah. Never has been, you always just had to start the launcher and check periodically during maint.

EDIT: actually JP had sections for maintenance announcements mentioning if there was going to be a download and how large it would be, doesn't seem to be the case here, though. Just maintenance and a vague list of new features.

They NEED to do that here too then. TWEEEKER spent about 43 minutes Supposedly dl'd the patch and now their Forum maintenance has my DL time of the patches for 54 minutes as of this post. it says I have 02:24 time left LMFAO 1695/6571 ...... again at over 1 hour and 23 minutes as of now .... Programs running PSO Launcher only (and Brave to check if forums are up, Anti-Virus suspended unnecessary services stooped running and now it closed itself and I have to reload AGAIN and suspends at 85 / 4185 Time stopped at 01:25 Time remaining MY time 1337 ie 1:37 PM EST I'm usually pretty "chill" type person HOWEVER this has gone from irritation to annoying then to angery to put it bluntly this a Grade A Cluster F**k I've NEVER had any problems with PSO2 on this level the STEAM add on has messed things up unless there's 50,000,000 people DL ing this at same time this is BS My net connection is good (I'm not on a 56K modem connection LOL). I have no unusual latency , plus I live close to where one of the internet "back bone servers" are (ie heart of heart/main tentacle) Do they have the forums ON the game servers ( O ) ( o ) ???? I've had Commodore 64 that was faster DL speed than what I'm getting now during their site/forum maint. The steam roll out can't be 20 million plus players or IS it ??? This maint and event planning gets a F- and Incomplete work do NOT do this again in big red marker writing