Uninstall the download help

I only downloaded the game and have not installed it. I changed my mind about playing it. But I see no way to remove the download which is taking up 15 gigs of my hard drive space. I tried manually deleting it but I get an error message saying he program won't complete the operation. This is on windows 10. I don't understand why I can't uninstall a game from my own PC. Can someone please help me with this. I need to get that hard drive space back.

Microsoft Store or Steam? If it is MS Store, you should just have to right click it on your start menu and choose to uninstall it. Then, restart the PC if the space isn't restored.

Thanks, that never worked before, but it did this time!

This is the Microsoft store. And again I never installed it. This is just the download files I want to get rid of.

Wow, I just had a guy from MS support help me out with remote connect and got my hard drive space back. The guy was really cool and willing to do more to make sure my PC was running well. Even he was surprised at all the permission crap and he said it was mostly Sega fault but he does work for MS.