[Ship 3] POCKY is Recruiting New Active Members! [Casual/Chill] Join us! (:

Looking for more POCKIES!


Team Pocky is a super chill, casual bunch! Most of us are new to PSO2 & started at PC launch. We are a really nice group of people! Don't be shy! We are mainly talkative in alliance chat, not many use discord yet but some members are there from time to time & is available for anyone to use in alliance to chat with members during quests or just hang out in general. We team up for urgent quests, advance quests & ultimate quests. We want more active members to do full MPA alliance triggers & quests with! Everyone is welcome! You will most likely see members in B-30 uwu

Leader: xPanderping

Officers: Snowo

Type: Casual & Chill (not hardcore but we strive for end game content)

Active Timezone: All (Most have irregular hours)

  • Alliance Lv5
  • Alliance Tree 8/1/4/4/6
  • Alliance Shop
  • Daily, advanced, ultimate & urgent quests
  • Alliance quarters (themes change monthly)
  • Home Block-30
  • Pocky Discord

Alliance Requirements: Just be fairly active as much as you can. Go at your own pace, we don't want members worry about feeling the need to rush to max level & catch up with everyone else. Please always ask for help through progression! We will help out as much as we can with questions & gameplay in-game or discord!

If you would like to join, please apply in-game using Alliance Search from visaphone! Or reach xPanderping or Snowo through whisper/mail! If we don't get to you right away, we will invite you when we can! Unless you find us in B-30 dancing around & are interested in joining us! We will gladly invite you to alliance right on the spot! uwu

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Join Pocky now! (~'w')~~

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Still looking for more active members! 🙂