Where is the Zondeel craft?

I wanted the extra range craft. I looked forward to it the most...


A lot of the Tech crafts have to be unlocked first, which you do by completing the Crafting Achievements.

Going to have to look at the crafting tree (achievements) - you have to work on each element, and each tech for some to unlock what you want. Range upgrades is usually tier 3 craft, quite a bit to go thru

You're going to have to craft lots of the other -Zonde techs to get to it. You only start with basic, gi-, and ra- recipes.

Check the achievement chart to see what you need to make to progress.

Okay, sorry. I jumped the gun a bit.

I'm looking forward to it enough to make me antsy when I didn't see it.

Take time to make a Safoie type-zero as well. It's a great gap closer that also has vertical tracking. Makes a great holdover until techters get Heavy Hammer in ep5.

That was the first craft, with Ramegid right behind it!