As many of you know, when it came to showing off Episode 4, all we got for a trailer was some words put over the 5th Opening and nothing showing off the actual game including the story. This continues even onto Steam. All new players have to go off of is that opening without any actual game play, nothing showing off the story. If anything this was more a teaser than a trailer.

And of course over in Japan they've gotten trailers whenever new content has come out showing off the new story chapter, or the new features and costumes. I mean yes we get things showing off the costumes but frankly I'm getting dizzy from spinning around all the time.

However this all inspired me to make my own instead. With the support of features available within the Tweaker I was able to put this together in the weeks leading up to today's launch. It's my hope that this effort will push SEGA/ESTSoft to provide a better trailer when Episode 5 and 6 comes around. This trailer was designed with both new and old players in mind. Without any further ado I present the work I did and invite SEGA/ESTSoft to use this trailer should they find it to be of sufficient quality.