the new UQ.... i just can't

why the hell does an UQ require a swimsuit for a bonus boost ? every swimsuit is so damn expensive this is just too stupid for an idea. and what's gonna happen to ship 4 swimsuit price ? i can imagine 20m+ for one

It's to convince you to buy scratch tickets.


Because it's fun, if you don't wana use a swimsuit but want boosts just use the 1000+ boosters the game throws at you. (Also swimsuits are going to be in fresh finds, so obtainable for free essentially - even if it is annoying)


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i can't afford any outfit on the market, everything is so fucking expensive

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new UQ schedule just gave me a heart attack there is NOTHING in the morning when i'm free of work. great schedule thank you very much.

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according to the wiki there are 8 color variants for the Rinna replica on JP. Why do NA only got 3 ? is this some kind of a cutting contents joke ? that's sad... they bothered enough for removing outfit variants but didn't want to remove fillers...

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i hope we get more variance, nemesis and slave are just too much i can't afford them

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we are looking into the issue blah blah blah

i mean you complain about everything and open up new threads for that...just chill xD

I do admit I am slightly annoyed that if I want the boost I can't use my current swimsuit for my character... I want to fashion my way god damn it!

Still, if you do weeklies you can probably afford a swimsuit pretty easily, though prices may rise due to the event.

Pretty common on JP to have boost in seasonal UQs if you wear seasonal stuff.

Difference for JP and NA is that you guys don't have the option of using old outfits from previous years - have to buy new and shiny things because everything is first time rather than going to the storage and look through 8 years worth of stuff.

JP haven't had Beach Wars 2020 yet, but my Lumia swimwear is ready - used this for years lol scratch was from 2013

well is only 50% boost and when the drop of some weapons is around 0.5% that boost doesn't help much

@Jamesmor said in the new UQ.... i just can't:

well is only 50% boost and when the drop of some weapons is around 0.5% that boost doesn't help much

It's 10% at PSE lvl 8.
3% at PSE lvl 1

What the costume bonus does is whether the COSTUME PSE affects you or not... And it's extremely small. Later versions of the seasonal quests don't even let you increase the PSE levels.