Skip the steam download. (Question)

If i copy my game files into the right steam folder, and then i would do a "verify game files", can the game works without download 80GB again?

not likely, but...

it MIGHT be possible to do this to a limited extent. if you are on a default installation, then the bulk of your data should be in the "C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps" folder. download the Xbox App through the MSStore and use it to Enable Mods.

you would still need to download roughly ~11GB worth of data, assuming this will actually work. as for using PSO2Tweaker, looks like they have an option specifically for this through the newest version

at the moment, the STEAM folder i got for downloading is labeled as "PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA_STEAM". it would presumably contain the "pso2_bin" folder as a sub-directory.

all-in-all, i wouldn't know if will work or not. nor do i know if you need the Xbox app, but the app does have an option for enabling mods. might help.


Good Luck!