Server Maintenance BEFORE schedule - What about my unclaimed Season Pass Gold Rewards?

so i remembered maintenance was coming up in a few hours, and went to hop online and finish sorting my storage and claiming my season pass and Gold rewards. ingame the season pass stated over and over again that i had until 8/5/2020 @ 4 PDT

while it is not even 3am EST.

i should have had 3+ hours easily left

Posting here for documentation but would seriously like to know what will be done about this? as well as, what will be done to prevent this type of event from occurring in the future.

the in-game times and text, need to align with the real world plans of the developers.

this is very upsetting.

i hope a bunch of people dont mock me, and try to suggest i "need to learn the server times" as my issue is they are posted incorrectly or something how am i supposed to "learn" something, without having time to acquire the knowledge? this is a really poor experience for a person who has just spent money, and grinded all month, only to be prevented from receiving their items and of course if i keep playing pso2, i'd be forced to look at other players who got the items, which i paid for myself but did not receive. just for context, of how crappy this is for me...

Please fix the ingame text to match reality, as reasonably possible as that is. i'm aware maintenance can be extended. or emergencies occur. but this was neither of those things.

IF this was a rush to get onto STEAM, i will be leaving a similar comment as a Negative review (on STEAM) until someone from Microsoft / Sega has actually resolved one of the many issues i've already reported in the past 2 months right here on the forums.

please consider +1 ing this post if you agree or have similar concerns, or just like to help me get this issue resolved. thank you.

good luck have fun everyone

If you have unclaimed items in your gold mission pass you should be able to claim it once the game is back online, you cannot earn more stars for the previous tiers but you can look at the previous pass and claim rewards. The maintenance is going to take longer than the season pass time so best of luck.

Someone from the Tweaker discord let me know that there is a previous pass button. as did Cosmic just now. thanks to them.

it still doesnt resolve the entire issue that i outlined.

but, at least i wont lose "everything"..

i was going to unlock the next few tiers for the SG tickets. because, its simple math..

but did want others to know there is a way to claim, the parts of the pass ALREADY UNLOCKED, with the "previous season" button.

but my complaint still stands, none of this would have happened if the ingame text was actually accurate. needs fixing please

@KYBELA I love that mentality of leaving negative reviews just to get noticed. Like i don't know,grow up? You're not going to do anything at all to help yourself really. You're just review bombing a game because you're butthurt.