Keeping the Audience Engaged - Opportunity Strikes

This suggestion is for the social-media managers / employees monitoring audience engagement until official meets can be released.

Pitch the idea of running social media campaigns to whomever the approving authority is. The purpose is to keep the audience engaged and PSO2 in the limelight while the business works things out on their end.

An example would be to create a hashtag and something for people to share on social media, something unique that is easy to monitor metrics on.

Clearly define community goals for the campaign: 500 Retweets = 1 50% Triboost ticket, 5000 Retweets = Boost week. (These numbers are just examples, it would be up to your metrics to determine adequate goals vs rewards)

Keep goal progress updated and visible - new posts for each goal reached, picture of items rewards, etc.

Attach something that can be publically disclosed at the end of the campaign, some mystery news or reward that keeps the gears going in the community.

Important piece: make sure the reward is for EVERYONE. Not just Xbox or people that participated. So it needs to be claimable for an extended period.

Whoever takes this idea can tweak it to their organizational needs, develop the tentative plan on implementing the campaign, the proposed rewards, how long it should run, and how to capture the metrics. Articulate it well, highlight the business benefits, note potential concerns, and make an impact by being an innovative thinker who developed a plan to increase social awareness of your product while keeping the business goals in mind.

The only thing that should be able to keep something like this from happening is if there is a chance that the game might not come out after all.

And if that is a chance, then I would prefer to find out sooner then later anyways.