Bring PSO2 to Southeast asia

once again we are asking the PSO2 Staff, developers, etc.. to bring PSO2 to southeast asia. as we would like to play the game once again. we have waited since 2015 to return back to Arks since we all been stuck in Episode 2 before the SEA server was shutdown. AFAIK there is no reasons to restrict SEA access to the game. I mean why Singapore was included but the rest of Southeast asia is excluded? we want to support the game monetarily as well since region pricing would make it easier for SEA players to know that it a game that is affordable to purchase in-game items with no problem whatsoever. Even some companies reside in Southeast asia have help and contribute to the game's development.

Again we all asking is to have the game available in SEA.

I second (again) to this. @GM-Deynger please heed our call once again.

As far as i hate to be a naysayer, and let's hope I'm proven wrong, we tried to reason and beg them to unlock the other 12 EU countries that are steam region locked, and so far the gm only told us the feedback has been heard and forwarded. Came today and still no answer, which is stupid. I hope he or they at least hear the plight of SEA, because i lost hope 😞