What are good Client Orders from Lavere to grab for Mining Base Defense: Dark Falz Apprentice?

It seems to have a bigger variety of Falspawn and Dark Falz to fight, so I was curious as to which ones of hers are the most feasible to grab before diving into Mining Defense 4.

Still have yet to get Lavere's partner card and figure Mining Base Defense Urgent Quests are the best place to kill a bunch of required Falspawn, including Val Fibras and such.

Like these. Listing up target enemy names, grouped by area.

  • 4 Desert: Dark Ragne
  • 7 Floating Continent: Gawonda/Guwonda
  • 8 Ruins: Cuchronahda/Cychronahda
  • 9 Dragon Altar: Predicahdr
  • 10 Coast: Luda Sorcerer
  • 12 Seabed: Dekor Maryuda
  • 15 Nightfall Province: Orota Bikehta, Mudr Toykatta, Kodotta Idihta
  • 18 Miscellaneous: Goldrahda (probably needs 2 runs), Fal Vibras, Damoth

Please note that with lower DPS MPA, you can miss some of the targets, especially bosses.

Thanks for the help!