Linking Steam and Xbox accounts.

Please make linking accounts possible through the Xbox app, console, Steam, and/or Microsoft account website. I will not go through a painful process of reinstalling the MS STore version just so I can link my Steam version if I want to play on Steam. Because then I'd have to go through the hell of uninstalling the MS Store version (again) then to the long installation of the Steam version.

I'm asking the same thing, man, I managed to download the WS version just to encounter an error at the end that broke the installation and made me re-download it all over again, I'm pissed.

Same. I don't have the literal space to have both versions of pso on my computer and I went though and uninstalled as much stuff as possible and regardless it doesn't matter. We as players shouldn't have to have two copies of a game just to play in one. This was the worse decision they could have made.

This, this, this, a hundred QUINTILLION times this. The Windows Store version is (and I assure you I am being as polite as I possibly can be while also being truthful) a godforsaken miserable clusterfuck, and once I discovered that PSO2 is now on Steam I could not uninstall the Windows Store version fast enough.

And then I discovered that, for some, unfathomable reason, the game wants me to get an account link code from one version of the game to put it in the other version.



How could anyone in their right mind think designing the process that way is acceptable in any way?

Yeah, the process needs another look at. The game is 70+ gb large which means two installations requires 140+ gb and that is assuming the store version works.

For anyone having issues with the store installation, you can use Tweaker on a steam installation to have it act as a switch between the store and steam versions, letting you link with just one installation.

First apply Tweaker to the steam version and select steam in the pop up. After tweaker is set up with steam, go to the drop down at the top and change it to North American MS. This will begin the process of setting it up to be able to run as a MS Store install with the flip of a switch. Make sure you get the cmd and powershell scripts from the arks-layer site and run them as well in your tweaker folder.

Once that it is done, start up the game in MS mode via tweaker, get your code, exit the game, switch to steam mode via tweaker, launch the game in steam mode and link your accounts.

This can also be done with an installation made purely with Tweaker.

I tried it on steam just now. I closed the popup thinking I hadn't started the game! I haven't been able to create a character or loaded a ship. Not being able to link on a website or after account creation is awful and is more of a turn off not to get into it on Steam/Episode 4.

I'm using steam because my MS store version broke last night lmfao and I can't link it without fixing the MS store version first. What? Is? This? Janky? Shit?

@NeuralBucket422 Tweaker would be my recommendation for this issue. Sure it is technically not an official fix and does not excuse Sega or Microsoft, but it does offer a workaround solution.

Wanted to continue of this suggestion. I'm sure there are other more secure ways to link Xbox account with a steam account.

I support this. Not everyone has 140 GB free space for this...

Is there another option of linking accounts released the last few month or do i still have to install the M$store f**** ?

You need to use the MS Store version or Xbox One version to link to steam. This is very likely never changing.