[Ship 2] Looking for a home? Dharma is recruiting

Alliance: Dharma


Requirements: Discord is required (a mic is not) Discord Link

Rules: No hate speech Age 18+

Formed on 7/6/2020; approximately 50 members strong, peak hours see 15+ online Caters to Both NA and SEA timezones Established leadership structure An active and organized discord with helpful tools and information.

Personally, I been playing PSO since 2002 and PSO2 since March 2020

Current Tree Buffs: Max RDR, Max ATK, Lvl 5 EXP and level 2 Meseta

Dharma is an alliance built to appreciate our Phantasy Star Loving community. If you're looking for chill vibes and good times with homies, we might be the home you're looking for.

We assist with all classes, affix farming, leveling, grinding, triggers and more

Good Luck out there Arks Operatives!


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Still active, still growing. Rework soon to accommodate increased activity.

Dharma is still recruiting! Come check us out! ❤

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