[Ship 2] Looking for a home? Dharma is recruiting



Discord Link

Formed on 7/6/2020

Currently 13 daily to weekly active players

Personally. been playing PSO since 2002 and PSO2 since 5/12/2001

Needing Officers, specifically a Second in command, teachers and recruiters of which I all handle solo atm. I don't expect you to replace my workload, just help when you have the time for, and enjoy the game first and foremost.

Tree is currently a workin progress. 2/1/2/1/2 I've been a baddy and couldn't decide. Going to focus on RDR for now.

Dharma is an alliance built to appreciate our Phantasy Star Loving community. If you're looking for chill vibes and good times with homies, we might be the home you're looking for.

We recruit for all hours and all regions (that can reach us)

I've leveled every class to 75 (working on the new cap currently), gained my LB title (page 1 as a male? Nani?) and affixed. There is little I'm not comfortable helping with ingame. And I enjoy a wide range of almost everything ingame.

Good Luck out there Arks Operatives.

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Bump, that emergency server maintenance wasn't that bad.

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would you believe we are still alive and still growing slowly :shocked:

Still active, still growing. Rework soon to accommodate increased activity.

Dharma is still recruiting! Come check us out! ❤

Happy bump. How is everyone doing on Deus Esca? I think its pretty fun~

Super bump come chill with us in our silly moon base ❤

Would you believe we are still growing 😮