Idola NA Beta

Would be nice if we got link support; IDOLA gives up to 80 SG a week (limit is technically 100, but you can only get enough points per week for 80).

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Google Play Store region-lcoked

............I want off this planet and their region locks.

so much fucking humor i'm from SEA and they region locked me too

We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.


I don't think the app will be released until tomorrow when the test starts, if it was publicly released, QooApp would have it as unless I am mistaken, that site covers USA, Japan, China and Southeast Asia (not sure about South Korea). phantasy star&source=-1

Talk about click bait. This isn't for NA at all. Can a mod change the title or something. Why lie OP? 🙄 😢

I had no issues getting it up and running. i just needed to side load the APK, just like I've been doing the JP version this whole time. It doesn't appear to be region locked once you have it installed. Got all the way through chapter 2. There are some grammatical issues, and some text is just missing like the names of souls when pulled from the gacha, but over all a decent job.

@PrinceBrightstar Where did you get the APK? It's not on QooApp and the signup says it's supposed to be publicly on the store page.

Edit again: Wait no I got the Taiwan version not a Vietnam version, how do I make it in English?

Just a few screenshots I grabbed of the character info.

  • Screenshot_20200805-103850.jpg

  • Screenshot_20200805-103844.jpg

So far it's neat, I did always enjoy the music from this game.

@JoycieC How do I make it English? I found the Taiwan version but it's not in English...

It's quite easy to get hold of but I don't want to link anything here in case it would break forum rules, I'd say have a gander around and you'll find it!

While I enjoy IDOLA >_> just a warning the power creep in this game is real. It be perfectly fine if you play for free and are just using it to earn SG or other buff items to supplement your PSO2 game play. If you want to be competitive and get high ranking in arena or IDOLA battles and the newly introduced guild/clan battles - you gonna have to be spending money getting the latest new characters or the new weapon and soul symbols

WTF even is Idola

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WTF even is Idola

Mobile Game that has some connectivity with PSO2 and a story that takes place in the far future of the PSO2 timeline.

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WTF even is Idola

A mobile app game that plays like Fate Grand Order and expects you to gacha in there while you gacha in pso2 too. They can sync game to get bonus rewards.

Wow. Much impressed..