How do I obtain Advanced capsule A,B and C

How do I get my hands on an advanced capsule ABC, I'm fairly new to the game and all I've been told is what to do with the capsules and how to get the best use out of it but not how to get them.

You initially get some A Capsules from Cofy by picking up her CO for Advanced Forest; after that, you get Capsules from running the Advanced Quests themselves.

AQs that need A Capsules drop B Capsules, ones that need B Capsules drop C Capsules, and ones that need C Capsules drop A Capsules.

Additionally, you can buy Capsules from the consumables NPC (where you get Monomates, Atomizers, etc.), but they are ridiculously priced. I also think there is an ARKS Mission that gives a box of them, but I can't recall what the conditions for it are.

@AndrlCh thanks, do I have to do every client mission up until I see the one you said that possesses the capsules

@Why-darling You should be doing all of Cofy's Client Orders anyway, but that specific one will unlock once you hit lv40 (when AQs unlock for your character).

if you need anymore info about AQ here a video that may help.

You can get them from the vendor near the pool in the gateway. Sometimes events happen where 10 of all are given out too for free.

also, the Buster Badge shop will sell some in the 'Limited Quantity' section