What's the very first thing you're going to do when you log in after maint and what have you done to prepare?

Priority for me will be getting Shifta/Deband crafted to max out their potential duration.

Beyond that I'm actually gonna focus a bit on PvP. Something about PSO2 PvP jank was pretty fun for me on JP, so I'll probably invest a bit of time there until I get everything I want.

Do story, laugh at how the prices for PAs will skyrocket to the moon, go straight to Tokyo and hug the dinos.

Just experience it all I guess. I have a bunch of discs stored to play around with so that'll be cool.

gonna do the story and leveling grind don't like crafting in MMO

@Jamesmor I have some stuff in storage, from badges to some weapons and other things. Maybe I'll be able to craft something when the ability is unlocked. But I think my gaming stamina drains faster nowadays. Couple that with my current social ineptitude (which makes me fizzle out of shyness in game, as odd as that sounds) and my recent utter laziness (which I don't deny) and that's why I've been unable to stay for long in online games. Add to that, this game is region locked to me on Steam, a platform I was eagerly waiting to get it working for.

As for any gap, I mentioned it but I'm not against it. People should get what they can earn. And in games like this, power to do stuff faster is part of that reward. So I'm all for games rising the power ceiling every now and then. But I know that I'll not be at that ceiling unless I get my me problem fixed. Or at least that part that can still be fixed. Since I like to be useful in a party, I'm trying to jump start that drive to contribute more. Ult quest makes a good practice because I can go in and out as I please, and revive and buff people. I totally hate being carried, so I don't do stuff unless I know I can contribute.

So if crafting helps me to contribute more, that means I'll be on for a bit longer, and perhaps get lucky and power up in the process as well.

Battle arena until i'm 1st legend.

I have no idea! Have fun doing whatever! Still looking for a Mag excitement L ring plus 20 on Mel stats on ship 1 for 9mil.

Also why is everything a race?

@RainGnyu that depend of the person for some competition is something important to then so they make a competition of anything

Battle Arena

I've done nothing. I'm not in any rush. I've been already running out of stuff to do, and mostly just logging on for urgent quest, which is also not often because they're all mining base 3 in the past week. I suspect the same thing will happen in a week or two. And then it's just waiting for ep5.

Roll for those sweet, sweet bonus keys

Like I did before, I will just enjoy the game and see whats new. I hope everyone will be pleased with the new ship and PC players have no more problems... And I hope this will lead to less complain - threads and more happy players.

Break down my 400 lv 12+ discs, story, maybe swimsuit, UQ.

I'm going to trash all these level 11+ discs. Then I'll take care of any daily craft orders.