What's the very first thing you're going to do when you log in after maint and what have you done to prepare?

Episode 4 is here and I've been so excited. I'm sure many of you have started collecting various items in anticipation. Share some of the things you've done to prepare and what you're going to do first.

Still trying to finish up the Story Mode for the other 3 episodes! Not exactly the most riveting means to get the story with all the cut scenes, but interested in seeing where it all goes!

first thing i gonna do hmm...getting the damn code to link my account to steam...what i gonna do in preparation hmm...baking a cake to celebrate my freedom from microsoft

season 4? is episode 4. what I gonna do, simple I will start dismantle the weapons I have stored to use in crafting, then I will start grinding levels and getting PAs disk to put then in level 17

Considering the gap between geared and not so geared players will be even bigger after this, and me being so lazy I'd prefer to leave for good, my first thing to do will be to ponder if it's indeed time for me to uninstall and leave. The game doesn't feel welcoming to me anyway.

Break down stuff and off to level. More goodness to enjoy

@ZorokiHanuke nope the gap won't become bigger than is in this moment, we have stronger weapons than the content of episode 3 has so most people won't change their gears, also crafting helps to use the gear for more time. Now if you don't farm then yeah you are screwed

Try to make sense of the account linking system and then probably throw all my level 11+ discs into crafting materials. Then probably level and stuff.

Probably dailies + checking prices on scratch cosmetics. I'm not in much of a hurry to do new story stuff and crafting can wait a bit. Not gonna bother with the account linking until any potential landmines have already been stepped on by other people.

First, I'm going to check to see if Daily and Weekly ARKS Missions have been updated to have Bonus Keys. Then I'm going to break down all of my excess PA discs and get some of the Type-0 PA/Techs made.

My inventory and bank is full of stuff to break down through crafting and get my Type-0 Sacrificial Bite. Once that's done it's off to the story. Also release my Episode 4 trailer.

been trying to horde meseta to buy stuff 😛 not as far as wanted to be, but still have a fairly solid amount. as for what going to do first? Probably buy scratches to try to get those wings and a couple of the hairstyles 😄 then maybe i'll start doing stuff, checking out the new storyline, and definitely pushing to get the characters from the anime as partners 🙂 I enjoyed the anime so being able to interact with and get those characters is awesome for this weeb 🙂 as for crafting, on one hand excited to be able to upgrade stuff without having to rely heavily on RNG, on other hand... the grind for mats cringe

Get the account link code and pray to god I don't screw it up.

Check if the height slider limit is gone.

Just a reminder to everyone, it seems we won't be getting any Weapon crafting with this update:

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