PSA: Microsoft outlook data leak. Chinese log-in attempts spanning from Late May to present.

If you have a windows login on Outlook, I suggest looking at your log-in history. Accounts tied to the windows store that were used to sign up with Ps02 may be affected by botted attempts to breach into microsoft accounts tied to the game.

I, and others I spoke to who play PS02 have noticed that several dozen log-in attempts from China mostly, as well as india, vietnam, spain etc are being recorded since Late-May 2020. All attempts have failed, but it is a gradual brute force attempt by either bots or individuals in these shady regions.

Please check your log-in history to see if you have been affected, if you use other email providers, and if they have a log-in attempt history, check those as well and use measures to secure yourself. This again should only affect emails tied to the Windows 10 store and Ps02's app.

This isn't an attempt to spread FUD, but a precaution as alot of people play ps02, and have gone inactive since PC launch.

How do we check log in attempts for it?

@Albus-Rabbit said in PSA: Microsoft outlook data leak. Chinese log-in attempts spanning from Late May to present.:

How do we check log in attempts for it?

If you use microsoft outlook, you should be able to see login attempts via this page:

Other email providers should have something similar. If you notice failed or even successful sync attempts, change your password immediately, and try to maximize your account security. If a hacker gets into your account, it could jeopardize everything you do online.

Mind you, enabling two factor authentication makes it nearly impossible for your emails to get hjacked.

that happens to any account anywhere, from time to time I get those with gmail too, those are just bots that keep trying several types of passwords to invade e-mail accounts just use a 2 way autenticator and they not gonna be able to enter

The only way they can hijack your acc if you visit phishing sites like those bots spam in game I had no issues with bots taking over my acc because I don't fall for it do the same otherwise it will happen to you and don't open spam messages that's another way for them to take it

I had a few brute force attempts from various parts of the world but not China. Hackers used to try to brute force my Steam account's email 2-factor all the time in spite of not having access to my email account I used and yesterday someone tried to brute force my Ubisoft account by using the "forgot password" function without having access to the email account I used...

Trust me, they will never get in as long as your password is at least 5-7 characters.

i highly recommend not using any sites (like mmoga) wich are registered in hongkong....i have used a bait email using a unique password for it and the same unique password on mmoga and never used the baiting email once for anything else...few days later my email account was "gone" and i recieved on my actual email that i used to purchase stuff on mmoga from (wich is a safe mail....and had many many sync and login attempts from china or unknown regions) a pirate one wich included my unique password for mmoga "as proof" and the email claims to have all of my personal data and will use it to harm me unless i pay 900€ in bitcoin - didn say where the email was from but ya