Crafting a huge pain. Playing on the jp servers while waiting for launch, and it's become apparent how much there is no longer relevant since it began. Please update at some point. With how fast we can level up, alot of the low level materials are just a pain to find. Such as the desynth ores that have to be combined to become the higher ores. I understand it's a process, but we're starting the game 8yrs in. Some of the beginner client orders from Zeig will take alot of effort. I understand why most players skip it altogether.

Crafted Disks are a great way to increase your DEX level on a mag. Most of the time it gives 3-4x the amount of DEX EXP than a standard disk. (If not more.) Makes use of all the useless disks you might get from featured quests/etc.

In addition, crafting is required to get some of Zieg's currency, which can be used to get Lambda Grinders.

You can always do low level ARKS Missions without Tri-Boosts, etc. to get weapons/gear to disassemble.