[Ship 2 or potential ship transfer] Looking to join a highly ambitious alliance (s-HC)

Hello, I am known as Eri or formerly Yukiri. I am mostly a semi-hard core player (entailing continual self-improvement and gaining knowledge of the game's mechanics, systems & classes) although I play casually when the content is not difficult or the outcomes (loot) doesn't differ, yet I still like to try my best. My schedule is pretty much PSO2 after work (4-8 hours) although sometimes I play less or more.

I have founded and co-led two successful alliances (Benevolence & Whales) and I am looking to join one with either a leader/management team that has an ambition to execute coordinated group activities. I have handled all matters of affairs in terms of recruitment (description, PR, screening, trialing, understanding), day-to-day operations (coordinating MPAs, training of leaders, assessments of activity levels), direction (expansionist policies, retention policies, activity policies, setting up tasks that need to be done), mediation (introducing, conflict management, feedback), census capturing, events hosting, logistics (party distributions, spreadsheets, polling), idea brainstorming, officer appointment (judging qualities) and all matters of affairs in relation to the pursuant, creation and maintenance of alliances as they are now led by capable hands.

In terms of coordinated group activities, it may be something as trivial as everyone is doing XYZ in sequence to panic a boss or instakill magatasu or speedrun something, or making dance videos with emotes in coordination, or doing competitions for challenge quests/time-attacks, or anything of various natures that involve the whole of an alliance with the upcoming episode 4.

I generally just like being around motivated people who like to execute things and involve the overall alliance, I am not looking for something that rotates 30 members in and out just to farm AP per week for no particular purpose, nor a small clique of friends that never play with anyone else. Thank you for reading this, and I hope to find an ambitious alliance o^o (Discord is Eri#1011).



I am still looking. I also inadvertently declined a discord friend request H--- something Inori, please send it again if possible. Hopefully deciding by tonight.