Phantasy Star Online 2 Story Quests Enemy List (Minimal Spoilers)

This is a list of enemies I have observed in each Story Quest for the purposes of suggesting ways to complete Client Orders for enemy suppression. It is challenging to find English information, so I decided to contribute.

Story Quests are useful for conserving booster time due to the minor item rewards, and saving real time due to skipping matchmaking questions and the Gateway Ship. Enemies in Hardcore difficulty appear to scale to your level, providing a consistent relevant source of EXP, though there are reports that they have a minimum level that might surpass your own.

To minimize spoilers (in hopes of getting as close as I can to spoiler-free), this list does not contain episode, chapter, or quest names. (One of the side goals is to provide new operatives, including those that are completely new to the series, a rough idea of the gameplay or time requirements to complete an episode or chapter.) However, partner names and enemy names might be considered light spoilers, so avoid reading past the first few words per line if you are concerned.

The intended workflow on Xbox One devices for first-time setup is to open this post in Microsoft Edge, select and copy the list to the clipboard, then paste it into a certain companion app's Row Finder feature. Then when you are browsing Client Orders in-game, open the Xbox guide's Alerts flyout and have Row Finder search for the enemy name. I am unsure about the rules for self-promotion, but I'm sure you can track down the companion app in the Microsoft Store by gamertag (not by name or branding).

The format is:

<episode number>:<chapter number>:<quest number>, <list of gameplay element names and quantities>, level <Casual difficulty enemy level floor (if observed)>~<Casual difficulty enemy level cap>, <partner names>; <list of enemy names in order of observation (with parenthetical quantity if it left an impression on me), then colored containers>

Gameplay elements:

  • arena = A small map area with minimal exploration.
  • map = An explorable map area with combat elements. Map areas without combat, like a pre-boss recovery area, are not included.
  • teleporter = A multiplayer coordination mechanism that adds an unskippable 30 seconds of waiting.
  • heading = A section heading screen that adds an unskippable 6 seconds of waiting.
  • checkpoint = An event where a message informs you that quest progress has been saved. If you reselect this quest, you can choose to play from the beginning or from the furthest checkpoint you have ever attained.

Story Quests Enemy List:

1:1:3, arena 1, level 16, Afin; Persona the Masked (1)
1:2:8, arena 1, level 14, Aki + Wright; Hi'Roga (1)
1:4:12, arena 1, level 16, Zeno + Echo; Persona the Masked (1)
1:5:10, arena 1, level 16, Afin + Fourie; Tranmizer (1)
1:6:13, arena 1, level 16, Zeno + Echo; Ko'Rela (1)
1:7:5, map 3, level 18, Melfonseana then solo; Krahda, Dagan, Briarda, El Dagan, Carthago, El Arda, Dhargacha, Dhargash, Kinda, Ahl Mikda, Granada, Guwonda, Gwanada, Gwanada Bhit, Dark Ragne, green container, red container
1:8:10, map 2, arena 2, level 18, Zeno + Echo then + Casra; Gawonda, Dhargacha, Krabahda, Ahl Mikda, Mikda, Krahda, Dagan, Dhargash, Cuchronahda, El Arda, Cychronahda, Carthago, Guwonda, Wolguarda, Gettemhult, Falz Hyunal, green container, orange container
1:8:11, arena 2, teleporter 2, level 24, solo; Falz Arm, Dark Falz Elder
1:9:1, map 3, arena 1, level 24, Melfonseana; Dagan, Ein, Cychronahda, Dhargacha, El Arda, Carthago, Quatre, Kamsa, Krabahda, Gwanada, Gwanada Bhit, Duo, Roku, Tres, Mikda, Ahl Mikda, Gawonda, Dhargash, Falz Hyunal
1:9:7, map 3, arena 1, level 28, Afin; Krahda, Dhargacha, Udan, Za'udan, Grulf, El Arda, Dagan, Mikda, Phongrulf, Guwonda, Gawonda, Ahl Mikda, Carthago, Dhargash, Briarda, Krabahda, Agnes, Garongo, Rockbear, Yedi, King Yedi, Briarda, El Dagan, Dicahdr, Grulfer, Phangrulfer, Wolguarda, Predicahdr, Marmoth, De Marmoth, Snow Banser, Zeshraider, green container, orange container, red container, blue container
1:9:11, arena 1, level 28, Afin; Bryu Ringahda (1)
1:10:13, arena 1, level 30, Quna; Haddred (1)
1:10:16, map 2, arena 1, level 30, solo then Quna; Dagan, Sil Sadeenian, Predicahdr, Nordeeransa, Krabahda, Fodransa, El Arda, Wyndila, Sol Sadeenian, El Dagan, Briarda, Cychronahda, Baridran, Catredransa, Wolguarda, Haddred (1)
2:1:7, arena 1, level 30, Echo; Orgbran (1), Turbon (5)
2:1:10, arena 1, level 30, Theodor; Dekor Maryuda (1), Luda Sorcerer (2)
2:2:10, arena 1, level 30, Maria + Sarah; Falz Hyunal (1), Cuchronahda (1), Cychronahda (1)
2:3:6, arena 1, level 30, Sarah; Biol Meduna (1), Bluturbon (6)
2:3:9, map 3, level 30, Auxiliary then + Ulku; Tyraluda, Shutrahda, Druahda, Luda Sorcerer, Broondarl, Solda Capita, Dwe Solda, Guru Solda, Bryu Ringahda, green container, orange container, blue container
2:4:7, checkpoint 8?
2:4:9, arena 2, teleporter 2, level 30, solo; Apos Dorios (1), Dark Falz Luther (1)
2:5:14, map 2, arena 1, level 30, solo; Krahda, Dagan, El Dagan, Briarda, El Arda, Carthago, Solza Brahda, Dicahdr, Vidrolda, Goldrahda, Fal Vibras, Persona the Masked
2:6:3, checkpoint 1
4:1:5, map 2, heading 2, level 4~14, Hitsugi then solo; Krahda, Dagan, Dhargash, Dhargacha, Druahda, Tyraluda, Davrune, Shutrahda, Prata Picohda, Pitta Wadda, Bomta Bakuta, El Arda, Cuchronahda, Bonta Beadda, Lanz Valehda, Sword Zombie, Heat-packing Zombie
4:2:3, arena 1, heading 2, level 14, Hitsugi; Sword Zombie, Heat-packing Zombie, Road Roller, Snakeheli, T15 Tank
4:3:1, arena 1, level 16, Hitsugi; Rat Phant, Crow Phant, Brown Bear, Polar Bear, T-Rex (1)
4:3:3, arena 1, level 16, Hitsugi; Train Gidran (1)
4:3:5, map 1, heading 2, level 16, Hitsugi then + Enga; Rat Phant, Crow Phant, Brown Bear, Polar Bear, T-Rex, Bethor, Phantasm Big Fan
4:4:5, arena 1, map 1, level 18, Hitsugi + Enga; Phaleg, Juggler Clown, Chainsaw Clown, Launcher Neon, Sniper Neon, Vulture Phant, Circus Carriage, Devil Truck
4:4:6, arena 1, heading 2, level 18, Enga; Laplace (1), Maxwell (4)
4:5:4, map 1, arena 1, heading 2, level 20, Enga then Matoi; Juggler Clown, Boxer Phant, Vulture Phant, Crow Phant, Dullahan Biker, T-Rex, Laplace (1), Maxwell (4), "Disciple of the Sun, Och" (1), "Disciple of the Moon, Phul" (1), Sword Zombie, Sniper Neon, Chainsaw Clown, Hoodlum Clown, Launcher Neon
4:6:2, map 1, arena 1, level 25, Hitsugi + Enga; Gachas, Bonta Beattas, Lanka Valehs, Vidrols, Dekor Maryuz (1), Kohri Washinomiya (1)
4:6:5, arena 1, heading 2, level 25, Hitsugi + Enga + Kohri then Hitsugi + Enga; Platidrahs, Pras Picos, Gachas, Bonta Beattas, Lanka Valehs, Kohri Washinomiya (1)
4:7:4, map 3, arena 3, checkpoint 2, heading 2, level 28, Hitsugi + Enga + Kohri; "Disciple of Saturn, Araton" (1), Gachas, Vidrols, Pras Picohs, Lanka Valehs, Dekor Maryuz, Platidrahs, Bonta Beattas, Esca Ragnes (1), Mother (1), Esca Falz Mother (1), green container
4:8:1, arena 1, level 30, solo; Es Anges (8)

Quest-specific commentary:

  • In quest 1:1:3, Scape Dolls are not available. However, this is not intended to be a challenging quest, since you can also pass the quest by surviving until the timer expires. It is probably intended to eliminate a source of low-gameplay-effort rewards.
  • In quest 1:7:5, do not fight the Bulf (they won't have a level when you target them); they do not progress the quest and they are a drain on your health.
  • In quest 1:10:16, your quest score is penalized for defeating Draconians, if that bothers you. Those enemies are listed anyway.
  • Quest 1:8:11 is similar to the sequence of Urgent Quests "The Raging Obsidian Arm" and "Elder of the Unfathomable Abyss".
  • In quest 2:4:7, set aside about 2 to 2.5 hours to complete this quest in one session for your first playthrough.
  • Quest 2:4:9 is similar to the sequence of Urgent Quests "The Cunning Black Winged Vanguard" and "The False Champion: Luther the Fallen". This quest is difficult to brute force if you do not have a major level advantage; this is the quest that required me to look into the Techniques "Resta" and "Anti" as well as any offensive Wind Technique for the second part. I'm not an expert on these boss fight mechanics, so I'd recommend doing your own research for further details.
  • Quest 3:1:33 is similar to the Urgent Quest "The Manifested Planetbreaker".
  • In quest 3:4:6, Scape Dolls are not available.
  • Quest 4:7:4 has a segment that is similar to the last part of the Urgent Quest "The Lunar Phantasm Matriarch".

General and introductory advice and prerequisites:

  • Story Quests can be chosen by speaking to a Quest Counter Clerk in the Gate Area or Franca's Café.
  • Quests probably have to be unlocked by completing the corresponding Expedition for the same location. You can generally brute force the Expeditions regardless of your skill or power by returning to the Gateway Ship upon incapacitation and continuing from the last area you reached; bosses will retain the damage you have dealt so far, and I did not encounter a limit on the number of times I could do this (around 10 in my worst case).
  • Since there is no Gateway Ship in Story Quests, you cannot respawn there upon incapacitation. Since there is no multiplayer in Story Quests, other players cannot revive you such as with the item "Moon Atomizer". Your only option to continue is to use a Half Scape Doll (often awarded through missions or promotional campaigns) or Scape Doll (Arks Cash (AC) premium item only), unless their use is prohibited by a specific Story Quest (note whether the failure conditions after difficulty selection indicate that you have the option to retire, which also means you have the option of using either kind of Scape Doll). I cannot comment on Scape Doll usage, but a Half Scape Doll can only be used once per quest attempt, which you can track in the Main Menu by opening the Character Info window, where it appears alongside your booster effects. If you are incapacitated again, you'll have to restart the quest.
  • Quest 2:3:9 requires an Auxiliary; reach level 20 and speak to Officer Cofy in the Gate Area.
  • When browsing the list of Story Quests, the default filter is "Quests not cleared" and needs to be changed if you want to replay quests.
  • You'll want a renewable source of healing so you don't run out of Monomate healing consumables, purchasable from an Item Vendor in the Shopping Plaza. Assigning and casting the Technique "Resta" from your Sub-Palette can fulfill this, but you will need Techter, Force, Bouncer, or Summoner as your Main Class or Sub-Class. You can unlock a Sub-Class when you reach level 20 and speak to Officer Cofy in the Gate Area. You receive a Resta disc from one of Afin's early Client Orders, but it can also be purchased from the Disc Dealer in the Shopping Plaza (open the Quick Menu by pressing the View button, then select "Show/Hide Area Map" to look for other characters). I also spotted Resta drop from a container in an Urgent Quest held at the Coast on Wopal ("Beach Wars!"); perhaps it is also available from the equivalent Expedition.
  • Casting the Technique "Anti" can clear status aliments and is also helpful in solo play, or purchase and assign Sol Atomizer consumables from an Item Vendor to your Sub-Palette. I spotted an Anti disc drop from enemies in the Coast expedition, presumably from the natives.

Apologies in advance for typographical errors; I'm still new to the Phantasy Star series myself and I'm taking these notes using a touchscreen keyboard. I've only replayed through Episode 1 and 4 so far to gather this information, then will return to episodes 2 and 3.

let me correct you in a detail there, enemies in hardcore are not escalated to your level, they have a level by default and in some parts of the story in hardcore they will just surpass your character level, like it happens in the moment in the end of episode 3 that the last bosses have the level of 80 when your cap is 75

@Jamesmor Thanks for the feedback on Hardcore difficulty; I haven't spent much time on that difficulty aside from running 3:1:33 repeatedly and a few of the earliest quests, so I'm reporting on my limited experience there. It sounds like there might be a minimum enemy level in Hardcore difficulty. I've added a note.