NPC's with gifts

I've noticed some of the NPC's have moved or are no longer there. They owe me gifts! LOL! I want my free synthesizer! Seriously though Zeno, Matoi, Euclyta, Ulku, and Theodore no longer give gifts? I cannot even find Zeno or Euclyta on the ship. Matoi is in the same place, and Theodore is now on the 2nd floor of the Gate area. With a new story and Episode will any of these NPC's even be around anymore? Just curious.

Manually switch episodes, they will reappear/move/removed depending what part of the story you selected.

they move depending of what episode you are, if you want all NPCs just go to the end of episode 3 and stay in that part of the story

Ahhh. Thanks for tip. I must have went back and replayed an earlier episode.

Thanks again.