How to make your monkeys win at Mining Base Ending!

Step one, have the Idesigure gunblade weapon at +30 and have the tier 3 potential. Step 2, put Rafoie on your bar. Step 3, when Apprentice spawns, equip Idesigure and spam Rafoie on her core until she is burned . Step 4, Have all AIS move to melee range of her core and cast shifta on them and then cast zanverse. Step 5, have them laser.

There, you won, didn't need to deal with waves of enemies or red walls messing you up.

Edit: If you can go Ranger sub or main, or can coordinate with a trusted ranger, Blight Rounds her exposed core when she is burned / stunned, too.

That's assuming your multiparty was actually competent enough to make it to final wave without using all of their AIS for whatever reason.

I've seen plenty of runs in Despair and Demise that have 3~5 A.I.S uses on certain waves... bit confusing, there.