Min maxing Question

I see a lot of posts about people asking what's the best class and race to play and usually the answer is always something like "The benefits are miniscule unless your min maxing so just pick what you like or what looks cool to you." So my questions is, What is the Absolute best for Hunter Including subclass, and Skill Tree? I know there is a post here already asking that question but there was no real answer for actually min maxing and what would completely be the best but it did answer a ton of questions i had, so before anyone says anything about it yes, i did read the thread asking a similar question but didnt see the exact answer i was looking for and really just wanted to hear other thoughts on what it is currently.

Male Deuman, Hunter/Fighter. skill tree

Depending on the state the game releases in, it's either going to be Hunter/Fighter (staggered release) with a similar skill tree to the above or Hunter/Etoile (full release) with a skill tree like this. The race will be Deuman Male.

Even though you did say absolute min max, I want to assure you that race contributes less than 1% damage (maximum difference is about 50 MEL power) so do not pick something you don't want for that as you cannot change race once you have created a character.

As for weapon choice, you can pretty much pick what you like but sword is the strongest weapon at the current moment (one of the best in the game in fact) so your initial investment can go there but realistically speaking, whatever is most compatible with you will probably get the most done.

@The-Raven Thanks so much for the detailed response! I didn't know the race difference was actually that small. Usually when i think of what race i pick affecting stats i kind of think of WoW which has some pretty big bonuses for what race/class you choose. I usually go for min/max in every game i play at first and if i dont like it i usually swap but i always like to try the best out first so this was some great help! Again thanks so much for the detailed response!

@Reilet Thanks! i'll probably go with this on the JP server for now and maybe hope the NA release is somewhat similar!

Yeah Hu/Fi is the best during the start of NA. I'll be using that myself

@The-Raven said in Min maxing Question:

race contributes less than 1% damage (maximum difference is about 50 MEL power)

50 MEL power is the same amount you get for 10 skill points in Striking Up 1.

Would it be correct to think that maxed Striking Up 1, 2, and 3 would equal to less than a 4.5% increase in damage?

Following that logic makes me think raw MEL isn't that great. If that's the case, wouldn't it be better to max the flash guard skills instead?

@Pandas-On-Fire Yes that is reasonably accurate. However, that is at max level (level 95 with approx 5000 MEL power) which is not actually to be attained in the current state of NA. Striking up is not worth taking for beginners and is pretty much exclusively a min max skill as the contribution is not worth the point cost in most cases. Focusing on damage multipliers is much more prudent.

What's stat difference between cast and deuman?


HU/FI lv75/75 HP MEL
CAST (M) 808 630
CAST (F) 801 624
Deuman (M) 725 642
Deuman (F) 718 636

For a more general look at all race comparisons:

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