Season Battle Pass Missing Items (Advertisment stated 2nd copy from OverRun Mode)

So.. I purchased this Battle Pass Season thing, to acquire the Candy Crown set. but.. not only is the Voice Pack ommited from NA (unlike on JP client) this boarders on yet ANOTHER FALSE ADVERTISEMENT as the game clearly states in several places that the Season Pass levels 31-35 is to grab items we missed or get a 2nd copy of an item. (for color change ticket)

Is this an error? or just Illegal Marketing Practices?

Until i receive a legitimate answer I will no longer be making purchases for PSO & may even encourage my friends to hold onto their money as well.

This is MESSED UP. Stop Ignoring your customers concerns! We were promised "All Content" from JP client. so where is the Melrandia Voice Pack, Why did the season pass misleadingly only offer 1 choice of Candy Crown outfit OR Gettemholt's outfit, when the Adverts state we can get both?

This forum is growing with more players who have been ignored, despite being paying customers. whither about the Height Slider bar being arbitrarily restricted without any reason given. or Support asking me to send information that i had already sent to them.

Hire some (in game) GM or more Mods. Ban the Meseta-Selling-Scammer-Bots. Offer answers to your customer's vocal concerns. & please Hire humans for Technical/Game Support instead of an AI/bot. Thank you

The Over Run Tiers only have duplicates for items that are new to the Mission Pass. Candy Crown is a re-run from an earlier Mission Pass, so it only appears in the standard Tiers since it is technically a third chance to get it.

As for the voice tickets, I can't find the specific post that said it, but apparently the reason they aren't in the game is because they have to negotiate licensing rights for them.

@AndrlCh only xbox got that though... i got so screwed over this season pass, i will be closing my wallet to pso & maybe take a long break from it.

if developers dont care about their customers, i will go WHALE somewhere else then

cause from threats of false advertisment lawsuits PSO2 NA already has getting brought up, you know.. i'd think they'd want my hundreds of dollars each month.. but i guess a few thousand bucks a year isn't worth paying for costumer service or information that isn't terribly misleading and borderline criminal at times.

I know the pso series is awesome, and i had fond memories of Sega's products as a youth. but this launch has been a disaster. either by sabotage or negligence.

but i need some real answers, instead of excuses.

otherwise, how can i keep supporting this monetarily?