Brazilian YouTuber Pressato calls everyone on Ship 2 & 3 scum

@GM-Deynger Please save us from ourselves and nuke this thread from orbit.

Bait title, it was minority of brazilian players on ship 1 that was offended, not 2 & 3, he plays on ship 2. There was no poll at all, majority of brazilian community went to ship 1 because of friends/alliances on xbox.

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@ElegantTrashM which people said that? I was here when they opened for pc players and even saw the chaos of 2 servers being crowded and 1 full and the only I saw during that time was people asking to open ship 4 and now people didn't go to ship 2 because there were no signs in others because ship 1 is being since the start when the beta started with Xbox One

 Ok uhh he definitely didn't call anyone scum idk what you're talking about. The only thing he said is that the brazilian community did a dumb decision when choosing which server they should go (ship 01), since they probably didn't consider how Ship 02 was the international server on JP and it would probably be where the veterans or anyone who already played pso2 would go. My only guess here is that you deliberately mistranslated "dumb" to "scum".
 About ship 03: He said to ignore it since it's already hard to find parties on Ship 02, which is the most populated server, so Ship 03 is not the best choice due to its lower playerbase.
 He never called anyone a traitor btw, so yeah my guess it's that you're just trying to make drama.

@Furious said in Brazilian YouTuber Pressato calls everyone on Ship 2 & 3 scum:

Your first mistake is caring about what anyone on YouTube says.

Your second mistake is thinking anyone else cares.

For real. Even if there was ship namecalling, it's quite literally just peeing in the ocean. Who cares. Stop trying to give people youtube dollars lol.

Thank god for the hiragana captcha on JP >_>

He ain't wrong. Just got to throw ship 1 in

"Popular person causes nontroversy, news at 11"


What is this, TMZ? Also I'm pretty sure this sort of thread is against the rules.