Brazilian YouTuber Pressato calls everyone on Ship 2 & 3 scum

So, there is a big load of dramatics going on in the Brazilian PSO2 community right now after YouTuber Pressato made a video calling people on Ships 2 & 3 idiots and traitors to the game.

This is very disappointing coming from a big person in the community. This might be the biggest person in Brazil for YouTube and this is just going to make people avoid playing the game.

Can you provide some extra details about what he's saying for people who don't speak the language? I'm on ship 2 and we have a few bad groups but overall I've had a good time with most of the people I've met on there.

Are you just advertising this dude's video or something? I just watched it and he recommends 2 for highest population or 1 for most Brazilians. He plays on 2 and even links his referral at the end.

I did not hear any name calling on Ship 2 or 3 people.

Probably for the drama and video views but honestly what a low brow move to claim such.

Most people I come into conversation with on ship 3 are very considerate people.

Over all click bait. Although, I don't speak a lot of Portuguese, there is a haughty aspect that I could make out. Ship 2 is faster to get to Endgame, and more veterans to fawn over/hero worship over Ship 1 & 3, More Muggles (aka casuals/solo)

Odd that he is using the word muggles to describe casual/solo players.

As well, thread title is click bait, video creator isn't down right calling people from other ships "scum" but does talk with and expresses a very haughty stuffy tone that time/length played = veteran and veterans = all knowing. Anywho... as i said, only understand a bit of Portuguese and keys words (the naughty ones) so... que?

Your first mistake is caring about what anyone on YouTube says.

Your second mistake is thinking anyone else cares.

^ I imagine it's just more a point of discussion rather then a real dilemma we all need to address haha.

I saw the video and I do speak Brazilian Portuguese and no he didn't call any of the people on ship 2 and 3 stupid he did say that the Brazilian community did a stupid decision on going to ship 1 and he also pointed out the reason.

Yeah click bait thread and sensationalism thread title. Ship 3 is (imo) the most chill boat in space.

I'll agree about ship 2 but damn I guess ship 3 is cancelled... Time to reroll ship 1 😕

In the video I said that the Brazilian community made a mistake in going to SHIP 1, however, the minority of Brazilian SHIP 1 players were offended and are now trying to cancel me for that. The offended ones are making a move, chewing and trying to cancel me, but they are just 20 children who have a lot of free time. They themselves are scaring people off and blaming me for it. In the end it is only the internet doing what it does best, canceling the divergent opinion of others. And by the way, I play on SHIP 2, this guy can't even do a good job of defaming me.

@Viola-Lance I am surprised that having Portuguese as a foreign language, you have understood it reasonably well, however, I did not say that people are Muggles, I said that the decision was stupid to decide to go ship 1 by vote without taking into account the experience of veterans in the game, and how the JP community would act

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@Rs-Resonate reported for that, I saw what you posted