any one lost interest in pso2 since they announced pso2 next gen?

@Anarchy-Marine said in any one lost interest in pso2 since they announced pso2 next gen?:

@RemovableRogue I'm glad meseta won't transfer over, because markets are bloated in the core game as is.

And you think New Genesis business model and markets will be different because?

I think you greatly overestimate how long it takes for a market to get wrecked by people who are good at playing it, it will be the same situation in new genesis by the end of the first month at most.

@IfrianMMO you're not wrong. happens in every online game that has a market of some kind. Works just like the real world, you get the haves and the have-nots with it usually being skewed to a small minority practically in control of the economy.

@IfrianMMO The difference is gameplay mechanics. We won't know what new stopping points for resource, and currency collection there are yet, nor will we know what the rate of earning currency is. It could get wrecked, as you say, within the first few months, like when NA launched, or it could take a year. Either way, I stand by what I say. I'm glad meseta isn't transferring over.

the way i see it, meseta is the currency your character carries around.... AC and SG does not exist for them, only you as the player. So why would they be allowed to take their money 1000 years into the future? Might not even be the same currency at that point. So there's a storyline reason for it as well 😄 yes I just made that up, but it makes sense, no?