PSO 2 day continues to get worse and worse

It's rough for everyone lol I used my rare buffs and didn't get anything special off of the rappies all day, but I still had a good time.

Saw about 1 Arks Rappy per hour (4 in a little under 4.5 br) Was not doing AQs. Was helping my sibling edge over lv 40 and unlock all of the current areas.

The RNG is a fickle one...


@ErinXh said in PSO 2 day continues to get worse and worse:

n PSO2JP, the rappy egg first and only CF appearance was in the Chocolate '20 Egg Collection (Valentine's Day event 2020.) as a 14★.

14★ rappy was in Driving Rain 2020, was super easy to get too, like kill Anga 5x or something. Not sure why anyone in JP would want one though when Phantom and Etoile exist. Watch your back with auto-attack ring and beat back normal difficulty monsters while you fish or something, maybe.

Doesn't the egg only drop from +10 threat level shaq/ultimate? Why are people bragging about farming low level maps?