game delete itself wtf ?

just earlier i had exit the game then restart my computer because i haven't done it for a couple days. and guess what ?

game has DELETED itself and redownloaded

wtf why is this happening ?

Long story, happens to most on PC.

There is a work around you can search on here if you type in PC issues, or you could wait for the game to be released on Steam since that's right around the corner from happening.

i see... i just hope it won't delete itself again before steam launch...

Guide by DDDDLife

i forgot to mention but i'm region locked from the steam version

is this the end for me ?



Just follow the guide it might take you half a day or less if you move fast enough. I had to re-install so it took me a day to get things working properly again, it's been fine since.

@FerventPond3601 use Tweaker... problem solved. Microcancer is trash, dont use that garbage. just go to Arks-layer and get tweaker.

That being said, Tweaker or not, you'll know the process fairly well if you play for long enough, combination of windows updates and way in which game gets patched causes the issue. Had the problem with PSO2 and with Outerworlds and State of Decay 2.