question about steam

So i had an account on the normal launcher but after a reset/maintenance thing it uninstalled it from my computer for some reason do i need to reinstall it when steam is out or just make one that is linked to my steam when that is out, reason ask i not really played much on the microsoft store one due to was like level 6 when game decided to uninstall and was wondering if steam just going make an account when that is out so i can start over. issue is it's like 5hr to install on microsoft store and i usually not have time for that, and knowing steam will be it rather just have like one copy.

basically asking does anyone know if when steam comes out if i can just make another account on that and just use that? and do i need delete old microsoft one?

If you are fine with starting over, just download the Steam version when it releases. If you want to carry over progress, you need to re-install the MS Store version. For that, it would be best to use the PSO2 Tweaker, though, since that will let you install the MS Store version now without the issues of the MS Store and then when Steam comes out, you will supposedly be able to have it switch to the Steam version without having to re-download it in order to enter the code to authorize your account to be linked to Steam.

k yeah just was thinking start over makes more sense then trying reinstall so i can get a code. plus i rather use my steam cash then try find xbox cards my area lot places are out of them